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MIG Network International Sdn Bhd is an organization dedicated to providing property investment education, full range of detailed property consultancy, and opportunity for investors to collectively gather and acquire properties through en bloc purchases in and outside Malaysia. MIG Network believes that opening of new revenue opportunities to individuals not only helps our business, but also defines the role that we can and should play in society. Meanwhile, our social responsibility is of utmost priority. We have burden to work with children; especially orphans who lack proper education- both academic and practical life application skills in area of finance and investment.

世達集团是一家致力于提供房地产投资教育,全方位详尽的物业咨询,为投资者提供团购的机会,并且通过集团团购的方式在马来西亚海内外收购​​物业。 世達集团相信,给予大众新的收入机会,不仅有利于我们的业务,同时也肯定了我们在社会中能够,也应该扮演的角色。同时,我们将社会责任置于最优先的地位。我们有责任为儿童工作; 尤其是缺乏完善教育的孤儿 包括在财务和投资领域的学术和实际生活中的应用技巧。


We identify new property opportunities and execute by applying our expertise, experience, and network. We share our vast collection of successfully tested methods to our fellow partners. We continuously measure our programs and methods to find room for improvisation and adjust whenever new property regulations are introduced. We empower our employees and others to serve their clients. We cultivate open sharing of ideas, exchange of networks, and knowledge enrichment within our communities; we always welcome new friends to join us. We hope to extend our assistance to various charitable organizations especially orphanages in every state in Malaysia.

我们识别新的物业投资机会,并运用我们的专业知识、经验和网络来执行操作。我们向投资伙伴们分享经过测试的优秀投资方法,并经常随着市场的需求和新的物业条规不断的改进我们的投资方针。我们赋予我们的专业员工为客户服务的权利。在团队里我们提倡共享、人际网络交流和自我知识提升; 随时欢迎新朋友加入我们的行列。我们希望扩大我们的各种慈善机构并在马来西亚每个州属都有我们的收益团体,特别是对孤儿院的援助。

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